Sri lanka’s first act 16/erpm (Sri Lanka), AMC (Australia), PLAB (UK) training at Yerevan State Medical university, Armenia

The most prestigious Armenian Medical Education Fair in the country was concluded hosting dignitaries from Yerevan State Medical University was held on 18th of January at Movenpick Hotel. The event was held to educated and guide prospective students who want to pursue their career overseas in the medical field.

The highlight of the event was launching SRI LANKA’S FIRST ACT 16/ERPM (SRI LANKA), AMC(AUSTRALIA) & PLAB (UK) TRAINING AT YEREVAN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, ARMENIA. It’s a mandatory program which will be commenced for the international medical students from their 3rd year to prepare for the ACT 16/ERPM (SRI LANKA), AMC(AUSTRALIA), PLAB (UK). Sri Lankan students will be trained to sit for the ERPM (Act 16). The students will no longer have to go for classes back in their home countries after completion of their program. YSMU is the first university to provide the ACT 16/ERPM (SRI LANKA), AMC (AUSTRALIA), PLAB (UK) to help the international students from their university.

The Armenia Medical Education Fair was graced by Professor Yervand Sahakyan (Vice Rector for external Affairs & International Partnership MD, Associate Professor) Dr.K.H. Margaryn (MD) Dean of international students, Head of Foreign Student Department, Head of Career Center and Dr. Chinthaka Prasad Gunasekara (YSMU representative)

The medical faculty of Yerevan State University was founded in 1920, it received the highest award for training highly qualified specialists and for its great contribution in the field of public health. YSMU is 100 years old and the entire program is conducted in English Medium. The University is also registered under Sri Lankan Medical Council (SLMC).

To legally practice as a doctor for medical graduate they should go through a medical licensing exam. Most countries require a medical license approved by the specified government and the Medical Board. These licenses are not granted automatically; this process requires an examination to filter the right candidate to practice as a medical doctor in the specified country.

The Examination for Registration to Practice Medicine (ERPM) in Sri Lanka is conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) for citizens of Sri Lanka who obtained their medical qualification from medical schools overseas. There are four parts – Parts A, B, C and D. Part A is the written component containing True/False type multiple choice questions and Single Best Answer questions. Part B is an interactive assessment in clinical/practical problems. Part C is an oral examination on Emergency Medicine. Part D is the written component containing True/False type multiple choice questions in the theoretical and practical aspects of Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine.

Since Yerevan State Medical University programs are fully in English medium it is an advantage for the students when they are facing the PLAB-(UK) exams. The PLAB (UK) test provides the main route for International Medical Graduates to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practice medicine in the United Kingdom

Australia is one of the prestigious and sought after country to practice as a doctor for the most of the medical graduates. The average pay for a Physician / Doctor, General Practice is AU$59.84 per hour. The average pay for a Physician / Doctor, General Practice is AU$102,445 per year. To practice as a medical doctor the medical graduate should go through AMC exams.

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams are for international medical graduates’ eager to practice medicine in Australia.

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Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia is welcoming students from different nations and they will also have the privilege to prepare for the preferred Medical Licensing exams.

The Armenia Medical Educational Fair helped students to gain knowledge not only on academic and admission confirmation, unlike any other educational fair the students had a great opportunity to get career counseling from the doctors and the representative of the university themselves.

Are you after you’re A/L? Confused of deciding your career path?

Make an appointment at Yerevan state medical university representative office.


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